Anne Lange, Internet Business Solutions Group Director, CISCO

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Anne Lange came to Cisco after 10 years working in government and e-business alternatively.

She started at the Prime Minister’s office, as the head of the department responsible for funding and managing state-owned broadcasting companies. Her job consisted in preparing governmental decisions applying to the broadcasting sector and favoring the development of the media & entertainment industry.

She joined Thomson, a French high-tech champion, in 1998, as a strategic planning manager and built up a strategy for promoting a new generation of consumers electronics devices, including flat screens, wireless connections, access to the internet (mainly MP3 technologies).
Shortly after, she created the new position of General Manager for e-business. She took part to Thomson strategic move towards internet-based services and launched Thomson web-sites for consumers communities.

She then came back to the Prime Minister’s office and became General Secretary of the Internet Rights Forum, an agency working on the legislative & political changes brought by the development of the internet.

Since she joined Cisco in 2004, Anne has been working as a trusted advisor to senior levels of large public sector organizations in Europe where transformation is imminent. In august 2008, she moved to Cisco headquarter in California to take a new role: she is in charge of IBSG Public sector operations worldwide and is also supporting Cisco Strategy related to Broadcast and media, a sector in the midst of deep transformations.
Involved in disruptive projects, Anne contributes to build Cisco Vision on how Web 2.0 transforms Governments, big industries and contemporary Societies in depth.

Anne is a graduate from ENA (National School of Administration, the French curriculum for high end civil servants). She is married and has three children.

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