Jean-Marc Frangos, Senior VP, BT Innovate

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Jean-Marc Frangos is SVP Technology and Innovation reporting to the
CEO of BT Innovate. BT Innovate has been instrumental in shaping the BT 21c program, and owns innovation for the BT group.

Jean-Marc is responsible for sourcing BT’s external innovation in the United States, Asia, and Europe. In association with leading Venture Capital firms and entrepreneurs, Jean-Marc identifies disruptive technologies and innovative service opportunities, and establishes the technical and commercial links with BT’s Research and Operational divisions.

Jean-Marc is also responsible for Innovation Central and BT’s Applied Technology Center. Both organizations aim at introducing innovations, internal and external, to BT’s technology and service road maps.

Originally from France, Jean-Marc is now based in California with his family, and participates on a number of venture capital and investment review groups.

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